Best Ridesharing Apps in Dhaka to Get a Ride

Without access to a private transportation system, getting to work, school, or the office on time might be quite difficult. As a result, ride sharing has become more and more common in this metropolis. Thus, anybody may reserve a transportation while kicking back at home without any limitations.

If you can always get a car, motorbike, scooter, or microbus when you need one, you won’t have to struggle to find a seat on an overloaded bus. You can wake up feeling sad after engaging in foolish bartering. Moreover, most ride-sharing services are trouble-free. Setting up a pickup and destination location is all that is required. You may use the app’s mechanism to find out the price. For Dhaka, there are several ride-sharing applications.

However, not all of them are equally reliable or good. We’re going to provide you a selection of reliable ride sharing applications in Dhaka to make your work easier. After reading this article in its entirety, choose from a number of ride sharing apps to utilize.

The top 3 ride sharing apps in Dhaka for finding a ride are shown below:

01. Pathao


Launched in Bangladesh in 2015, Pathao is a domestic ridesharing network. The Pathao app has seen many updates since it was initially released on the Play store and app store.

Pathao’s extensive service offering, affordable prices, and intuitive app design have contributed to its notable rise in popularity in Bangladesh. It has also been effective in resolving some of the particular issues that the transportation sector in Bangladesh faces, such severe traffic jams and congested roadways.

Overall, you haven’t had any trouble finding a ride. To schedule a trip, search for your destination, select where you want to go, and send a pickup request. You will receive the rider’s information who accepted your request shortly after. It’s simple and easy to understand. I would concede, though, that selecting and scheduling a ride is a simpler and quicker procedure. When you download the Tootle app for the first time, you are asked to choose where you would want to be picked up and dropped off. It’s easier.

02. Uber


Uber is a ride-sharing business that provides the Uber app for smartphones. This software allows users to request trips to their selected locations, which are then instantly forwarded to a nearby Uber driver.

The navigation path is automatically determined by the Uber app. It helps in estimating the trip’s length and estimated cost. The driver receives money from the user’s chosen payment method via the Uber app. Traveling without stress is possible with Uber. Worldwide, it is available at more than 10,000 sites and more than 600 airports.Uber allows for stress-free travel. It is available in over 600 airports and 10,000 venues globally. The Uber app makes an effort to provide drivers with health and safety materials including face masks, disinfectants, and gloves.

Uber has demonstrated a strong sense of accountability to its duties throughout the years. When it comes to service, when people have issues, they aim to resolve them as fast as feasible. The new feature, Uber Premier, fits in nicely with the aim of changing how both riders and driver-partners experience the service that Uber provides. Passengers can now enjoy a more luxurious trip with Uber Premier, which is now available on their cellphones and costs slightly more than the standard UberX service.



Another significant rival of the recently established company, OBHAI, has extended its services in five significant cities, including Dhaka, where it operates 179 locations. Five on-demand services—car, mini, motorbike, and CNG auto-rickshaw—have been made possible by the service through the use of a single smartphone application that is accessible on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In Bangladesh, OBHAI is a well-known ride-sharing business that is growing quickly. You must buy CNG or OBHAI G (Car) using the app if you wish to use ridesharing to travel anywhere in Bangladesh.

Final Words

Ridesharing services are growing in popularity in Bangladesh and throughout the world on a daily basis. These days, using a web-based ride-sharing service of this kind makes renting a motorbike, vehicle, or cab simple.

The top ride-sharing applications in Dhaka are listed below, along with their ride-sharing services. Perhaps this post could assist you in locating a better transport app for Dhaka.

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