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West Bengal’s capital city, Kolkata, India, has a centuries-long, varied, and rich past. The region was once home to native populations, but in the seventeenth century the Nawab of Bengal took control of it. An English East India Company agent named Job Charnock is frequently credited with founding the permanent settlement that would eventually become Kolkata in 1690.

Kolkata became an important British East India Company commercial base over the course of the 18th century. Due to its advantageous location on the Hooghly River, the city swiftly rose to prominence as a major hub for trade and government. As a result of the British East India Company’s growing power, Fort William was built to safeguard their interests. Here is the complete list of all kolkata newspapers.

List of All Kolkata Newspapers

Anandabazar Patrika   Aajkaal


Kolkata newspapers

1. Anandabazar Patrika

One of the most well-known and extensively read Bengali newspapers is Anandabazar Patrika, which is published in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) Group, one of the biggest media conglomerates in India, considers this journal to be its flagship.

2. Aajkaal

One of the main newspapers in the city is the Bengali kolkata newspaper Aajkaal, which is published in Kolkata, India. Notable for its extensive coverage of a wide range of subjects, both domestically and internationally, the daily has garnered praise for its dedication to political objectivity and a standing for upholding strong ethical standards in its reporting. Aajkaal is renowned for its honest reporting, which offers readers trustworthy and objective information on a variety of topics. This is a reflection of the publication’s commitment to journalistic ethics and moral reporting.

3. Bartaman

Bartaman Patrika, the Bengali daily newspaper from Bartaman Pvt. Ltd., is published in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is a daily publication with editions not only in Kolkata but also in three significant West Bengal towns—Siliguri, Burdwan, and Midnapore. The newspaper provides daily updates from these locations, offering a comprehensive coverage of news and events across West Bengal.

4. Sangbad Pratidin

Daily Bengali newspaper Sangbad Pratidin is published in India from Kolkata, Barjora, and Siliguri in parallel. Created on August 9, 1992, by Swapan Sadhan Bose, the proprietor and a Rajya Sabha representative of the All India Trinamool Congress. Srinjoy Bose is Sangbad Pratidin’s Editor-in-Chief.

5. Ganashakti

A daily Bengali newspaper called Ganashakti Patrika is published in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It began as the West Bengal State Committee of the Communist Party of India’s official organ.

6. Telegraph India

The Telegraph is an English daily newspaper published continuously in Kolkata, India, and was founded on July 7, 1982. It is The Times of India’s rival and is run by the ABP Group. In India, The Telegraph is the ninth most read English-language daily, per the 2019 Indian Readership Survey.

7. Statesman

The Statesman is a daily broadsheet English-language newspaper that was founded in 1875 and is concurrently published in Kolkata, New Delhi, Siliguri, and Bhubaneswar. Its lineage back to the 1818 founding of The Friend of India is straight, and it has carried on the esteemed publication’s tradition.

8. Ei Samay

Daily newspaper produced in Bengali by the Times Group.

9. Uttarbanga Sambad

The Bengali-language broadsheet Uttarbanga Sambad is published in Siliguri. It all started on May 19, 1980, at a little letterpress located in Siliguri. Due of the newspaper’s enormous popularity, a web offset press was installed in 1981. The year 1985 saw the development of automated typesetting, which resulted in further technical advances.

Local Kolkata Bangla Newspaper

  1. Bengali Oneindia

  2. Aamader Malda

  3. Ganadabi

  4. Century Sangbad

  5. Bengal Today

  6. Manbhum Sambad

  7. Jugasankha

  8. banglalive.com

  9. Puber Kalom

  10. khabor24

  11. Samagya Hindi Dainik

  12. songbadmanthan.com

  13. Ajker Deshabrati


West Bengal’s main city of Kolkata, India, has a thriving media scene that is highlighted by the abundance of publications that cater to the city’s multicultural populace. The city’s citizens rely heavily on these periodicals to update them about events, current issues, and cultural happenings.

In addition to the well-known newspapers from Kolkata that serve a broader readership across the state of West Bengal, several regional journals focus on certain districts or areas. Delivering local news, events, and updates that are particular to the needs and interests of their respective communities is the mission of these regional newspapers.

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