Top 10 Best Banks in Bangladesh

In today’s economies, banks play crucial responsibilities in handling deposits, financial transactions, lending, and maintaining economic stability. They make it easier to move money around, offer safe savings options, extend credit to individuals and companies, and offer a range of financial services. In addition to regulating monetary policy and providing a stable financial system, banks contribute to economic stability.

When it comes to individualized services, cutting-edge technology, better customer experiences, innovation, accessibility, knowledge of wealth management and corporate banking, and an emphasis on client confidentiality and data security, private banks routinely do better than government banks. Here is list of top 10 best bank in bangladesh.


01. Sonali Bank Limited

Sonali Bank Limited

Sonali Bank Limited, founded in 1972 under the “Nationalization Order 1972,” is Bangladesh’s largest commercial bank. This government-owned bank has a nationwide and international branch network of 1,225 locations. Sonali Bank has acquired people’s faith and confidence in both urban and rural areas, outperforming both state and private banks in Bangladesh.

The bank regularly participates in numerous social initiatives with a workforce of 18,167 officers and workers. These programs include pension and retirement payments for both private and governmental personnel, as well as service organization bill collection. Sonali Bank Limited contributes significantly to the growth and development of trade and commerce inside the country by supporting and nurturing economic activity.

02. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL)

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL)

Islami Bank is your best bet for depositing money in compliance with Islamic Sharia standards. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, or IBBL, was founded on March 13, 1983, under the Public Limited Company Act 1913, and is Bangladesh’s leading Islamic bank.

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IBBL is the country’s first commercial bank, and it provides simple home-based account opening services for anyone interested in Islamic banking. Among the bank’s notable accomplishments include being voted the finest bank in Bangladesh in 1999 and being recognized as an excellent financial institution in 2000.

03. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)

Dutch-Bangla Bank

Dutch Bangla Bank, or DBBL, is often regarded as the finest service provider among Bangladeshi banks. With a network that stretches from Teknaf to Tetulia, it has the most broad reach over the entire nation and is the greatest contributor among all banks in Bangladesh.

DBBL, founded in 1996 by M. Sahabuddin Ahmed, is a non-governmental, state-funded organisation that is credited with pioneering mobile banking services in Bangladesh. Opening an account with DBBL is really easy, since you may do so from anywhere in Bangladesh using their mobile banking services.

04. Eastern Bank Limited (EBBL)

Eastern Bank Limited (EBL)

Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) is a well-known Bangladeshi private commercial bank. It was founded in 1992 in compliance with the Bank Companies Act of 1991 as BCCI but later changed its name to Eastern Bank Limited. The headquarters of the bank are in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and its SWIFT code is EBLDBDDH.

EBL provides a wide range of services, including SME banking, financial retail banking, and environmentally concerned “green banking,” to name a few.

05. Standard Chartered Bangladesh

Standard Chartered Bank

This global commercial bank is well-known throughout the country. It began its journey from Chittagong, Bangladesh, in 1948 as a prominent participant in the financial and banking industries. The bank’s headquarters are in London, and it offers services all around the world.

It emerged from the merger of Standard Bank and Chartered Bank as Bangladesh’s oldest and biggest foreign bank, consolidating its image as a prominent financial organization.

06. HSBC Bank Bangladesh

HSBC Bank Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, HSBC, which stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, operates as a non-governmental commercial bank. It is an internationally famous financial services provider and a multinational financial institution with a large network of branches spread across several nations. HSBC is the best option for Bangladeshi people looking to conduct foreign transactions.

07. BRAC Bank Limited


This notable non-government commercial bank in Bangladesh, founded by the legendary Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, lays a particular emphasis on assisting small and medium-sized businesses. It has a long history of helping the people of Bangladesh. The SWIFT code for the bank is BRAKBDDH.

08. Pubali Bank Limited (PBL)

Pubali Bank Limited (PBL)

Following Bangladesh’s independence in 1972, Pubali Bank Limited, often known as PBL, was nationalized in line with the government’s agenda. It is a well-known private commercial bank in the nation, with operations in 32 districts across Bangladesh. Habibur Rahman is the bank’s current chairman.

09. Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank

Professor Muhammad Yunus created and leads this notable community development bank, which is recognized by national legislation going back to 1983. It is an important microfinance organization, providing microcredit and loans to the needy. This bank was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2006 in appreciation of its outstanding accomplishments.

10. Janata Bank Limited (JBL)

 Janata Bank Limited (JBL)

Janata Bank Limited, sometimes known as JBL, is the country’s second-largest state-owned commercial bank. Following Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, it began operations under the motto “Janata Bank, your bank.” With a strong footprint, it runs 844 locations across the country and has four branches in the United Arab Emirates. Janata Bank provides a wide range of services, including banking, consumer banking, corporate banking, and investment banking.

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